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Checklist. Implementation. Reaction. Audits. Support. Safeguard.

We All Need To Know Two Things.. 

1. How To Proactively Defend Ourselves Against Suspension?

2. How To Correctly React In The Event Of A Suspension?

The Success Or Failure Of Our Businesses Depends On This. 

That's Where We Wanted To Come In.

We Wanted To Create A Resource That Works For Us All. 

We Do Not Have To Live In Fear Of Amazon Accounts Being Suspended.

That's Why When Adam Was Suspended & We Got Him Back, We Wanted To Take Massive Action!

We Are Super Excited To Share With You Suspension Defence. 

You Will Get Instant FREE Access To All Our Suspension Defence Resources Immediately:

  • Prevention & Reaction Checklist With Solutions. 

  • Suspension Prevention Implementation Program.

  • Suspension Reaction Program.

  • Up To Date & Latest News.

Supporting You With Exactly What You Need.

You Maybe Thinking What Is This Going To Cost Me?

Another Service To Pay For, Another Expense For My Business.


Everything Is Yours 100% FREE. 

That's Right. 

We Are Not Asking You To Pay For Anything When It Comes To Your Account Health. 

You see, what we are doing instead is developing a "Suspension Defence Council" (like a neighbourhood watch) where are a group of sellers that are in the communities and masterminds keeping an eye out for you in the event of any developments surrounding Suspensions. 

These are all volunteers that have kindly come together to help each other. The project is sponsored and funded by Kev Blackburn from Life Success Engineer. 

Selling multiple 7 figures since 2015 and experiencing a suspension in 2017, Kev felt it was time to bring something different. 

We hosted a 2 hour case study sharing exactly the steps that were taken to bring Adam back from Suspension from you can learn to be proactive against it. 

This site, the resources, the time and the expenses are sponsored by the brand to give to other Amazon Sellers. 

This Means We Decided To Give The Choice To You. 

Instead, If You Would Like To Choose to DONATE, We Will Accept Your Voluntary Contribution.

If You Do Not Want To Donate To Us, That's No Problem. Please just take action and protect yourself. 

If You DID Decide To Contribute To Us, This Will Support Us In Being Able To Support You More & More With New Resources & Tools.

Either Way, If You Click "Access Suspension Now", You Will Be Able To Enrol Into Our Sponsor's Program To Get Access To Everything. 


What Others Have Said About Suspension Defence? 

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